5 Reasons to Bolster Your Physician Bio Now

Physician marketing today demands a strong online presence. Here are 5 reasons to bolster your healthcare organization website bios now.

Put your best foot forward on your healthcare organization’s website

Your online bio can be your patients’ first impression of you—and your practice.

Physician marketing in today’s digital age demands a strong online presence. Is your bio on your healthcare organization’s website up to date? And does it advance your practice goals? Learn five reasons your bio matters.


#1: Your bio helps you attract new patients

Today, most people begin their doctor search online.

An August 2022 survey of 1,000 consumers examines how patients choose their doctors. Conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Kyruus, the survey concludes:

  • For consumers, 61% use the internet to find care.
  • Healthcare organization websites are consumers’ top resource to consult.

Your bio can be an entry point for new patients, including those referred by friends or other doctors, who may search your profile online.


#2: Your bio can improve your ranking in Google search results

When people do an online search, make it easy for them to find you.

In internet terms, you want to achieve search engine optimization (SEO), so you are listed at (or near) the top of search result lists.

Google—the largest search engine by far—views healthcare content with more scrutiny. It looks for content with EAT factors: Experience, Authority and Trust.

A great bio with EAT includes components like:

  • Accurate, up-to-date content
  • Clearly displayed credentials
  • Patient reviews

Note: 81% of patients consider online reviews when selecting a healthcare provider.


#3: Your bio provides a source of information consumers trust

Your bio on your healthcare organization’s website can inform and educate patients about your services. The 2022 Kyruus consumer survey finds:

  • For consumers, trust matters when seeking new healthcare.
  • Healthcare organizations—including their providers and staff—remain the most trustworthy source of consumer information.

What expertise do you offer? What conditions do you treat? And what sets your services apart? Adding this information to your bio empowers patients to make important health decisions.


#4: Your bio humanizes you and boosts patient confidence

Healthcare is personal—and people want to feel good about the doctors they choose.

A 2021 National Institutes of Health paper considers how consumers find primary care providers. It concludes:

“Health systems could make simple changes to their providers’ online biographies in order to help patients make more informed decisions of PCPs.”

That same NIH article points out that patients don’t just want to know about providers’ educational credentials. They also want to know:

  • Providers’ communication traits—for example, are they good listeners?
  • Personal information that showcases how providers are real people

Use your bio to highlight personal information like your story and care philosophy. For instance, why did you become a doctor? And how do you approach challenging medical situations with your patients? Consider adding a video to engage and inform consumers.


#5: Link to online tools in your bio to make scheduling appointments easier

Many consumers today want—and demand—digital access, including online appointment scheduling.

The August 2022 Kyruus consumer survey reports:

  • Over 40% of consumers favor online booking.
  • About one-third of respondents say this online tool affects where they will obtain care.

A scheduling link in your bio creates a seamless user experience. It also helps you achieve greater efficiency—a win-win all around.


Final reminder: Review your bio regularly for updates

Did you recently add a new service or technology? Or open a new location? Be sure to include this in your bio. And review your bio for updates every six months, or sooner if needed.

The bottom line: You want to provide consumers with relevant content—and SEO demands it. If your online presence isn’t achieving its full potential, now’s the time to make some updates to put your best foot forward.

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