Is every day Office Appreciation Day in your clinic?

Learn key strategies to boost your team’s morale, manage stress and create a healthy, high-functioning work environment.

Is every day Office Appreciation Day in your clinic?


Tips to boost morale, reduce employee turnover and improve patient care

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, a day in the life of a healthcare worker could be rewarding, stressful and heartbreaking – all in the same shift.

Now, a World Health Organization (WHO) report finds that at least a quarter of healthcare workers surveyed during the pandemic have reported signs of anxiety, depression and job burnout. Other surveys detect similar findings. In times of great stress, your team’s overall well-being, quality of patient care and your clinic’s bottom line are at risk.

So how can you tackle this issue in your clinic? Read on to learn key strategies to boost morale, manage stress and care for patients in a high-functioning environment.


Set the tone for a positive, respectful work environment

Stress and negativity are contagious – as the American Association for Physician Leadership points out – especially if these bad vibes come from the physician-owner. It’s not realistic to radiate good cheer 24 hours a day. But if you’d like to create a respectful office environment, set a positive example. Greet your staff with a kind word and friendly smile. Even on busy days, try to model calmness, confidence and patience.


Be approachable. Get to know individual team members

Build relationships and encourage an ongoing exchange of information about what happens in your clinic. Communication builds teamwork and camaraderie. But also, your staff needs to feel comfortable talking with you. The Journal of Healthcare Management notes that a lack of critical upward feedback in the hospital setting has adverse effects on direct patient care and health outcomes. And, of course, poor communication can also impact patient care in a smaller clinic setting. Knowledge gives you the power to fix your processes. Being approachable sets the stage for a healthy work environment – for staff and patients.


Give your staff a voice

According to an article from the American Psychological Association (APA), research suggests that employees are less stressed and more likely to remain in their jobs when they feel they have a voice in organizational decisions. Use focus groups, suggestion boxes, anonymous surveys or meetings to gather ideas and feedback. Share the results, and implement key ideas when you can. The APA says research shows that employees actually feel more fulfilled when managers solicit feedback and use their ideas to create policies or make decisions.


Make individual breaks a high priority

Since medical clinics are often hectic, do your best to make sure everyone gets their scheduled break. Working long hours – with no time to eat, rest, take a walk or call home to check on family  – leads to personal burnout and job dissatisfaction. An article in Practical Health Psychology references cognitive changes when people work long periods without a break. Studies show that during long work shifts, people often struggle to focus on tasks and make decisions. On the other hand, scheduled breaks allow your team to perform at a high level and deliver safe, quality patient care.


Care for your employees with mental health benefits

The American Psychological Association (APA) points out that when employees work under prolonged major stress, their mental health suffers. On the other hand, when they seek treatment for issues such as depression and anxiety, their overall well-being and productivity improve. For this reason, the APA advocates for comprehensive health insurance benefits that cover psychological services.


Recognize your team for delivering excellent patient care or adding value to your clinic

Naturally, when we honor and recognize people for their good work, they experience a sense of value and fulfillment. Morale tends to be higher, and they want to continue to do good work. The American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) encourages health organizations to establish a process to recognize employees for their contributions in a meaningful way – through formal awards or opportunities for continued education, research projects or continued advancement.


Other ways to recognize employees:

  • Designate an employee of the month
  • Create an “honor wall” to feature a valued employee’s contributions
  • Give gift cards
  • Send notes of appreciation, either handwritten or via email


Treat your staff to food and drink

Very few people work well on an empty stomach. Food improves mood, increases energy and creativity, and reduces stress. Periodically, treat your team to a spread of nutritious sandwiches, fruit and vegetable trays, or refreshing drinks in the break room. And it doesn’t hurt to splurge on ice cream every once in a while, either. 


Volunteer – as a team – for a charitable cause or community organization

Encourage your office staff to choose a cause to support. Working together in a volunteer setting promotes team camaraderie and builds lasting bonds. Some ideas include:

  • Participate in a charitable race or walk
  • Pack food donations for a local food pantry
  • Serve meals in a soup kitchen
  • Collect clothing, blankets and fans for a homeless shelter
  • Visit or entertain at a nursing home
  • Participate in a neighborhood cleanup program
  • Grow a vegetable garden to benefit the needy


Celebrate Employee Appreciation Days

Human resource advocates promote March 3, 2023, as the next official Employee Appreciation Day. With a quick internet search, you’ll find a host of health-related appreciation days for any given year. For example, February 17 is National Caregivers Day; March 30 is Doctors Day; May 6 is Nurses Day; and October 18 is Medical Assistants Day. Better yet, consider implementing the key strategies above and make every day “Office Appreciation Day.”



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